Update on WPI Performance Plugin

Firstly – hi to all our new users. I see Stefan from Datafeedr posted out a nice email telling you all about my WPI Performance Plugin. That’s great and I’m happy to have you on board.

Some issues are coming up though with the various set ups you have. Here’s what I’m aware of so far:

  1. If you don’t have WooCommerce installed, it breaks – this will be fixed today. I’m sorry this happened – it was in the last update. It won’t happen again.
  2. Some users are not seeing the promised performance benefits – if this is you, please submit a question here: https://www.wpintense.com/new-question/ Include a link to your slowest page so I have somewhere to focus my efforts and I’ll figure out why you are not getting the performance I promised and I’ll analyse so I can implement a fix. Add [email protected] as admin so I can install Query Monitor and review the performance. Other than installing Query Monitor, I will not make any changes directly on your site – i.e. I will only use your site to analyse performance and figure out where the slow performance is coming from – I will then develop a solution in my own development environment.  If you wish, you can install Query Monitor yourself and send me a full page screenshot of your slowest page after you have clicked on the ‘Slow Queries’ link in the admin bar for Query Monitor.

To answer some common questions:

  1. This plugin is NOT just for WooCommerce (despite the current breakage for non-WooCommerce installs)
  2. You *shouldn’t* need to configure anything other than installing the plugin, although if you’re using WooCommerce, you do need to switch widgets to get full performance benefit
  3. It includes optimisations for datafeedr imports, wp all import, custom post types and more are being added weekly. As I uncover and fix slow performance from various plugins, I will add those fixes to the plugin. So, if you have slow performance even after installing the WPI plugin – please let me help you and together we can make WordPress the fastest platform on the planet.

Coming very soon

Prior to Stefan’s email going out last night, I was close to finishing another upgrade for the WPI performance plugin. FYI – in one of my development environments, I have 820,000 products. With the currently live version of the WPI Perf plugin, the slowest page on there uncached loads in 12 seconds (compared to minutes with vanilla WooCommerce). I personally think 12 seconds is abysmal. Anyway, the updated development version is sub-second, I just need to iron out some bugs before it’s released.

I’m hoping to have this update out today and if not today then tomorrow at the latest.

Coming later

I’m also optimising the free text search of WordPress and WooCommerce. If you’re not aware, under the hood WordPress by default uses literally the worst technique for doing text search (the LIKE operator). Both MyISAM and InnoDB now offer full text indexes, so there’s no good reason for this situation to continue. The LIKE operator is really slow – it cannot use an index at all – and it produces poor results as it has no comprehension of relevance. Anyway – first things first – happy to have you all on board – update coming out today with fix for non-WooCommerce users and hopefully later tonight with further performance boost.

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