Best hosting companies and tricks to make wordpress fly!

Everyone knows the importance of a good hosting company for your wordpress website, something which has a remarkably big impact on the overall performance of said website.

According to WP site care, there are three major components that make up a great host , and those are 1) Performance, 2) Knowledge, Speed, and Reliability of Support, and 3) Pricing and the overall product offering.

For the initial run, they compared several shared WordPress hosting companies. Furthermore, their article clearly stated that they plan on further adding to this list and update it so that people have a goto resource for choosing the best WordPress hosting company. According to their tests and research, the best hosting companies to turn to when it comes to speed and performance are:

  1. InMotion Hosting
  2. SiteGround
  3. A2 Hosting

If you want to check out the details about the tests performed, have a look at their full article – it is a very interesting read:

Performance of the Best WordPress Hosting Companies Compared

There are certain steps which you could take to improve the speed and performance of your wordpress site. WP engine provides us with several of them in a very interesting read.

“Blazing fast website speed plays a vital role in boosting traffic and revenue. On the web, just fractions of a second can make the difference between a sale and a sour experience. Basically, a slow WordPress site does more than annoy visitors; it can hurt revenue and damage brand reputation.”

Some of the methods in the article have already been tested and have yielded great results, actions such as:

Optimizing your images

To ensure images don’t bog your site down, make sure you compress images in a lossless way. This means that the file size—and, in turn, the load time—will be smaller, but the quality of the image won’t suffer.

Simplify your code –

Over time CSS, HTML and other source code files can build up and cause your site to run like molasses. To give your site a speed injection, you should consider minifying its code.

Choosing a light and fast theme

Not all WordPress themes are created equal — some are written better than others. A beautiful UI design is meaningless if your site fails to load fast.

Rather than opting for a feature-rich theme (which involve a lot of code that has to be loaded every time someone visits your site), take a minimal approach by using a theme that contains the bare bones of what is necessary to function well.

You can read more about what can you do to speed up your website in their article, it’s surely worth a look:

15 Site Speed Tips To Make WordPress Lightning Fast

Last but not least, everybody knows that plugins can have both a positive and a negative effect on the performance of your wordpress website. Pickaweb provide us with a great article regarding some of the better plugins out there.

“With it’s gentle learning curve, low costs and excellent SEO features it’s no surprise that WordPress is the world’s favorite Content Management System.

The trouble is that once you start exploring the possibilities with WordPress they seem endless.

That’s where Plugins become essential. Plugins are software created specifically for WordPress to perform a very specialised task.

The trouble is that WordPress is a victim of it’s own success and at the time of writing this, there are 47,466 plugins with total downloads amounting to 1,449,379,018. Both of these numbers will have grown a little by the time you finish reading this guide.”

So, faced with so many options, how do you know which will be perfect for you? Their article gives a few very helpful clues regarding that:

“There are various reasons why your WordPress site could be performing poorly. Apart from plugins, poorly-coded themes could also affect your site’s performance. Another reason is image files that are too big and poor hosting.”

The article lists caching as one of the best ways to solve performance issues on your website. Caching helps save up the time used by the server to execute commands hence reducing the page load time.

The full article can be found below, it’s a very worthwhile read if you are interested in all sorts of different categories of plugins – you can find just about anything in it:

The Essential List of Best WordPress Plugins



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