Everyone Is Gwildor – SSH Keys For Kids


Can you imagine visiting a shop to buy some stuff and the door being really slow to open, the shopkeeper speaking at a rate comparable to ‘tar pitch’ dripping and the products being so heavy laden that lifting them is like pulling The Sword from The Stone? It would be most unpleasant although admittedly slightly entertaining. Sword png

A slow website, is unpleasant just like this, without the beguiling attributes of playing King Arthur with packets of crisps.

First you need a host, a place for your site to live, like a HR Giger Extraterrestrial needs the chest of John Hurts Gilbert Kane. With a good home your site will be embellished by such great speed and performance that it might burst out screaming, squirting blood in the face of Sigourney Weaver as it does.


There are two Gilbert Kanes that WPI would recommend, WP Engine and Digital Ocean.

WP Engine are a bit like your Grandmother. If your Grandmother was a hyper performing web hosting service that is. WP Engine walk you through the process like a lioness allowing irrelative cubs to her teat. Visit them for some website guidance, do not expect milk and cookies. This was a simile.

wp engine granny

Digital Ocean use RAID SSD instead of HDD. SSD uses non-volatile flash memory to gain greater speed. If this sounds too technical and the lack of smilies is alarming you – click on your Grandmother above. If not, keep reading, and learn how easy it is to become Gwildor.

To have up to 100 times faster performance with Digital Ocean, you need to create an SSH key.

Key Masters Keys

Be prepared now to enter a walkthrough in creating these keys for Windows and MAC – you can thank us by offering an astonishingly good review on our site.

To make sure the guide is easy to use we tested it on a seven year old and two seventy year olds – the seven year old was faster and immediately grasped the concept of copy/paste with ctrl+c/ctrl+v – the seventy year olds thought that copying was wrong and pasting was catching the wrong end of a punch up and getting a swollen bloody face – both test cases gained SSH keys. It really is that easy.

On Windows you use PuttyGen and on Mac you have a Terminal as standard that creates keys with ease.

  1. Launch the PuttyGen program, and then click the Generate button. The program generates the keys for you.
  2. Enter a unique key passphrase in the Key passphrase and Confirm passphrase fields. (like a password or a phrase you use all the time eg. ‘Help I am a technophobe that should have used WP Engine’)
  3. Save and copy the public key (illustrated below marked 1) and save the private key (marked 2 in the image) by clicking the respective Save button. (Complicated indeed)Putty key gen
  4. The key you have copied needs to go into Digital Ocean, so paste it somewhere for ease of use. The private one you guard like Gwildor – Skeletor like hackers could take over your universe with this one!


On Mac, open the application launchpad and enter the terminal –

Better HeMan

  1. Enter the following command in the Terminal window by copy/pasting (Plagiarising/Punching):
    ssh-keygen -t rsa

    Press ENTER and the command will run.

  2. Press the ENTER key again to save the keys in the default location.
  3. You will then be asked for a passphrase – you need not enter one, just press enter twice and the key will generate.
  4. It will say ‘your public key has been saved in’ and give and address like this


  5.  To see your keys from the terminal run this command by Plagiarising/Punching:cat /Users/INHEREWILLBEYOURFOLDERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
  6.  You will then see the key as illustrated below – copy just the marked areas onlySSH copy imageThe key you have copied needs to go into Digital Ocean, so paste it somewhere for ease of use.Grayskull

You can now visit Digital Ocean and create a Server or Droplet as they like to call them there, assumedly for marketing reasons. That is to say, you don’t literally create a small blob of liquid.

He-Man will now illustrate how easy it is to add SSH keys in Digital Ocean when you are creating a droplet:

HeMan Digi Ocean


To add an SSH key to an existent droplet follow this guide:


If any of this becomes too technical for you, we note once more that you should visit your Grandmother above.

Thats it, you have done it! You have learned how easy it is to create an SSH Key, you know where to buy a stack to help you further with all of this stuff and whether you make blobs of liquid or go adventuring with Grandmother, you should be well prepared to carry on from here Gwildor. Congratulations!Do remember to post that review on our site!







John McLachlan

Project Manager at WP Intense
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