Why is wpintense a scam?

This article was written by a former disgruntled contractor for WP Intense, not by Dave Hilditch. His account has been deleted – you can see my full apology and my response to this article here – but I’m keeping this article up for posterity, and also because he has promised to post all over the internet that my business is a scam, so I need the SEO to counter him 🙂 Here’s his article in full:

Wp intense doesn’t really do any of its own technical aspect programming, it uses sites such as peopleperhour.com to hire freelance designers & coders and then masquerades as the golden boy one man band.

Currently we owe multiple freelancers money and are refusing to pay for hours spent making this business appear worthwhile. Even when given the opportunity to make good and negotiate a price just to end the issue.

I can see anyone reading will probably be a party in the many un-answered or broken support requests for this company and its other products.

Do not trust this man.

Another example of the mirage is the famous rocket stack is in fact just a collection of readily available free software most hosting companies will help you configure the same for a fraction of the price.

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