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  1. Kameron S.
    August 19, 2017 @ 5:30 pm


    How long is the typical wait for this new ticketing system that you’ve implemented? I’ve had a ticket open since July 16th, with no response from you or your team. Meanwhile I’m paying monthly your entire Basic PhantomJS parsing system that’s completely broken and several pages on my site have a broken price comparison feature.

    Love the products and have seen success with them. And committed several months ago to integrating them (to the point where pulling them out is very time and work intensive), but disappointed in the level of support you’re providing. If it’s something that you consider outside the general support of your plugin, and need compensation, that’s fine. I’m willing to pay (in this case I feel like it is something that would be within scope). But the fact that there has been 0 communication from the WP Intense side, and all of my pages are broken is very frustrating.

    And the reason I’m posting on here is because I have had no success in contacting you or your team for over two months.

    Not sure if anyone else reading this has had the same issue?


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