Price Comparison Pro v2.80 released

I’ve released an upgrade which includes the following upgrades:

Improved Currency Detection

I’ve made it simpler to create your CSS now – rather than having to get the exactly correct CSS selector, so long as you get a parent CSS selector then Price Comparison Pro will scan that content for any currencies and will return these.

This also massively improves the automatic sorting since it means there are guaranteed currencies to be sorted.

Improved Styling

I’ve improved the default styling somewhat so that it looks a lot better by default. If you wish to override this styling, you can do so through the plugin, or through any custom CSS plugin.

Upcoming upgrades

There are two further updates coming shortly:

  • Styling options – I’m adding 3 different styles of boxes you can choose from so you can get started using the plugin more quickly
  • Cookies – currently to pass cookies as part of the scrape, you need to use our scraping service. The next upgrade will include this functionality in the non-scraping service scrapes.
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