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  1. Luke Cavanagh
    September 11, 2017 @ 8:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Juliet
    September 12, 2017 @ 8:04 pm

    Hi Dave – I am really keen to get the fastest hosting possible for my woocommerce site. I contacted WP Engine Sales to ask them some questions and I was really surprised that they said in order to host my site I would need a plan which starts at 600USD per month. Please see below for our email conversation thread.

    It would be great to have your thoughts on this.

    Hi Juliet,

    Thank you for providing me with the link. I have looked through your site and I wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, the personal plan will not work for this site. Your site is a woo commerce site and the specs listed on our plans page are mostly for informational sites like blogs, magazines and company sites
    Any woocommerse site would be a very resource heavy and we recommend dedicated solutions for any woo commerce site. Here is a great blog post by a 3rd party developer that explains it better
    And here is the link to an extensive white paper that you as a business owner will find helpfull
    Besides the database calls, as the blog mentions, caching will be another issue. Caching will have to be disabled in order for a customer to complete a purchase. We can do it on some pages on our shared plans but it is impossible to do on a homepage. So no purchases can be made on this page

    On a dedicated solution, we can disable caching altogether. The pricing for dedicated solutions start at $600/mo and scales up from there.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or requests.

    Mariana Nasreddine

    Sep 11, 11:06 PM CDT

    Hi Mariana

    Thanks for getting back to me. Our site is currently under development and in maintenance mode but you can see a demo version – log in demo and demo – here

    We are to be adding another 7000 products, currently we have around 2000, and I am concern that this, along with some additional functionality such as an API to our wholesaler will affect the site performance. I have been recommended WP Engine by a developer who specialises in making WordPress ecommerce sites faster.

    I’m glad you have the staging site function.


    Mariana Na
    Mariana Nasreddine (WP Engine Support)
    Sep 11, 1:54 PM CDT

    Hi Juliet,

    Thank you for contacting WP Engine. My name is Mariana. I am WP Engine solutions and sales team member. Can you share your site URL with me? It is always helpful to have a site in front of me to make sure I am offering you the best service. Also, what made you want to change from SiteGround to managed hosting with WP Engine?

    We offer one-click staging with all our plans, shared and dedicated. Here is more information on this

    Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or requests.

    Mariana Nasreddine

    Sep 10, 11:34 PM CDT

    New submission from the WP Engine website contact form for sales

    message : Hi I\’m interested in your first level hosting at $29 per month. Please can you tell me if it is possible to create staging sites? My current hosting – siteground – provides this with one click and I find it extremely useful. Regards Juliet
    wpe-form : 1

    [personal details removed]


    • Anon
      September 14, 2017 @ 2:27 pm

      Hi Juliet – $600 is a LOT of money to spend! Depending on how large a store you’re talking about going for, a $40 per month Digital Ocean server will most likely be enough for you with the right stack.

      You should also get our Performance Plugin pack as it’s focused on optimising WooCommerce – Scalability Pro fixes database queries, Faster Woo Widgets fixes widget/filter performance, Auto Infinite Scroll lets you remove pagination for even more speed and Super Speedy Search gives you instant free-text search.

      You can see a guide to installing the Rocket Stack here:

      Alternatively, we can install it for you and do your migration – create a ticket if this is of interest to you.


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