We are now ticketless!

Freddy came on-board full-time 2 months ago. He’s a royal pain in the ass. He’s arrived here expecting the entire system to be smooth and simple to use. He was not impressed.

Anyway – thanks to him, we’ve managed to figure out how to move to a ticketless support system. That sounds nuts maybe, but we believe it’s a solid move. Here’s why.

Extended Conversations

Many of our customers become clients, or they just ask a lot of questions. They expect and desire to have extended conversations with us. But, when those conversations were happening inside a ticketing system it brought added stress to us managing the ticketing system at the back-end. Why, despite all of our efforts do we still have all these tickets outstanding?

The fact is that many of these tickets are just chat-logs. Frequently, pieces of work will come from those conversations, but the conversation itself is not a bad thing, and rather than thinking we should be lowering how many people have open tickets, we’d prefer to desire more conversations with as many as possible.

Our solution

On the site, and at the back-end of the [email protected] email address, we have switched over to using Intercom. They have a very smooth chat system which keeps email and chat conversations all in the same place. Better than that, their solution allows us to reply through Slack (If you haven’t used Slack yet in your business, I highly recommend it).

So now, we will have an unlimited, growing number of simultaneous chat logs rather than tickets, and anything actionable will end up in one of our channels:

  • Bug Reports
  • Feature Requests
  • Q&A
  • Quote Requests

I’ve just finished altering the submit-ticket page to reflect these new rules. You can find that page here:


The real benefits of going ticketless

Obviously, not having any tickets is a huge weight off my mind and our collective minds – instead of having a pile of various items inside the tickets, we have concrete grouped pieces of agreed-upon-work. And we have indefinite chats. That means I’m not going to be thinking “Aw gawd, another new ticket” and instead I’ll be thinking “Yah! A new chat!”.

On top of that, all pieces of work will be triaged or they will not be pieces of work at all. That makes it way simpler to bite off chunks of work to take on to improve our plugins and services.

Customers with tickets still open

If you are one of our clients who has a ticket currently open, be warned that it will be getting closed permanently very shortly. This does NOT mean we do not want to talk you, we’re 100% here and want to talk to you, but it means that if you’re awaiting some work, that work will be tracked through one of the 4 tracks listed above. We will keep the ticket-history available for reference purposes, but any work that has been already agreed will be shifted into one of the tracks above.

Love you all (even you Freddy)!


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