External Images 1.97 released

A new update to External Images has been released.

The primary focus of this release was to fix some issues that were occurring on some themes causing images to not display, or to display at weird sizes.

Source of image size changed

Instead of using the Woocommerce ‘ratio-based’ image sizes, and code-based widths, this update uses your Settings->Media->Thumbnails settings.

In there you can set width, height and whether the image should be cropped.

Related Products fixed

Some themes were seeing issues with Related Products not displaying images. That’s now been fixed.

WP-Admin products list now shows images

Previously, there was no thumbnail in the products list in wp-admin. That’s been fixed in this release.

Upcoming fixes and features

Next in the queue for this plugin are the following improvements:

  • If you use the add-to-cart functionality, currently the image will not display in the cart for the product. That will be fixed next.
  • Variant images

If you see any other bugs or have other ideas for things to add, let me know.

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