Help – we need a better name for Faster Woo Widgets!

Faster Woo Widgets is our plugin that replaces the default WooCommerce filters with faster, better alternatives. Over the past 6 months I’ve been hard at work adding new SEO features, adding custom taxonomies, adding Woo Brands and Yith Brands compatibility and more!

Here’s a selection of highlights from the changelog:

  • Added cool new styles for on-sale and in-stock filters – sort of apple style
  • Added optional search box to all widgets, so users can instantly search (using JavaScript) through long category lists
  • Added collapsible filters and an accordion option to hide less important filters (next week I’m adding deferred/ajax loading for these too for even more speed!)
  • Added Oxygen compatibility
  • Added a new widget area above the products list – great for ‘existing filters’ and ‘top level categories’ and looks awesome on mobile too since these filters won’t be hidden in a burger menu.

There’s a bunch more than this – you can read the full changelog here to see how busy we’ve been!

Documentation almost complete

On top of the new features, Glyn has been hammering away on his keyboard, setting up demo shops and taking great screenshots to flesh out all the documentation for Faster Woo Widgets so we can properly release near the end of June.

In fact, he’s been doing so well at this that I’m actually the bottleneck now in releasing at least a dozen more KB articles about various aspects of Faster Woo Widgets.

You can see the KBs for the Faster Woo Widgets features here:

New Look

Here’s a peek at how the collapsible filters look:

FWW Accordion.gif

And here’s a sneak peek of some of the new styling options:

New Colour filter styles – great for users and SEO
New radio button styling option for on-sale and in-stock, amongst other new styling options
Above products widget area using the Existing Filters in Label style

New name wanted for the Faster Woo Widgets plugin

Not only has Glyn been writing documentation, he’s also been discovering rare bugs for me to fix (all fixed already!). Recently, he’s been building a product comparison table to compare Faster Woo Widgets with Yith filters, xForWooCommerce, ElasticPress etc, and then one day he asked:

Why is it called Faster Woo Widgets?

Glyn, last week

I thought that was a stupid question at first, but I encourage stupid questions, so I asked him what he meant.

The point of the plugin isn’t the widgets, the point of the plugin is the filters, so why do you call it Faster Woo Widgets?

Glyn, last week as well

He’s not wrong, he has a point, what have I been doing all this time? Now I need a new name, but I kinda suck at naming things. If it were left up to me, it’d get renamed as Faster Woo Filters, but maybe there’s something better someone can come up with?

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