How do you configure cookies in Price Comparison Pro


With some websites, you may wish to configure cookies in order to simulate certain things for your users.

For example, some websites have a single .com front-end for all countries they cover, but they set a cookie to determine the country. This in turn then determines the currency shown to the user.

So – if you are scraping these kind of websites and want to scrape prices in a particular currency, you need to configure the cookies.

To show how this works, I’ll use the website which has this cookie-based currency.

Here’s how their home page looks – asking you to pick your country, which is then going to set the appropriate cookie value:

Then once we click Bahrain, we can grab the cookies. There are a number of ways to do this – you might like to download an extension for your browser to make it easy – I use cookies.txt Chrome extension:

Once installed, you can click the cookies link and copy the cookies for the current tab as per this image.

The cookies above are in ‘NETSCAPE’ format. Price Comparison Pro accepts cookies in either NETSCAPE or HEADER format. Header format is like this: cookiename=cookievalue; cookie2name=2ndvalue; … etc

Copy and paste your cookies into the Price Comparison Pro settings page and try your scrape again.


For the purposes of this test and demo, I need to set up a product. I’ve chosen the iPhone 6S and have set it up on our FoundThru demo site. You can see here the default price box appearing for Lulu before I apply the cookies string:

Here are the settings for Cookies I added:

Final Results


In the image above you can see the correct price has been scraped, based on the cookie values chosen.

You can also see this in the video below.