Submitting a bug report

Submitting a bug report

This is everything you need to know about submitting a bug report and tracking it’s progress.

Guidelines for submitting bugs

We use Bitbucket’s issue tracker to make this easy for both you and us. Firstly, please ensure it is a bug you are reporting and not a feature request. A bug is something that the plugin does not do that it’s supposed to do, or an error somewhere. A feature request is an enhancement that you’d like to see added to one of our plugins. You can view our guide to submitting feature requests here.

In your bug report, it is important that you provide us enough information to reproduce the bug. So, please provide the following as a minimum:

  1. Steps to reproduce the bug
  2. Screenshot(s) of the bug
  3. URL(s) where we can see the bug
  4. Your plugin version number

It’s also very helpful if you provide information about what you expected it to do, and what happened instead.

Bug reports are public so please don’t include sensitive information.

Sign up to Bitbucket

You’ll firstly need an account for bitbucket – you can sign in through google or sign up with your email.

Once you have an account you will be able to click through the relevant plugin and fill in an issue report which looks like this.

Once you have submitted the issue report it will appear in its issue tracker:

You will be automatically registered as a watcher of the issue you have submitted. The progress of any bug that has been submitted for any of the plugins can be followed from its issue tracker. You will get an email notification once it has been addressed or if we need additional information from you.

Links for submitting bug reports

We have separate issue trackers for each plugin.

View issue tracker links