Submitting and tracking a feature request

WP Intense really appreciates feedback – at the end of the day we’re here for you and want to make and tailor products that genuinely help you and improve your websites. So, if you have one of our plugins and want something new or more from it then you may like to submit a feature request.

Once feature requests have been approved they are grouped together by plugin and open to voting,  generally the most upvoted feature requests will be developed first. If you have submitted a feature request or voted on it you will receive an email once it has been implemented.

If your feature request is urgent it’s possible to jump the queue by sponsoring a feature request. The cost of sponsorship will vary depending on complexity and scale of the feature you would to see implemented. Please get in touch via our on-site chat if this is something that interests you. If a sponsored feature request helps improve our plugin, the cost of developing it will be subsidised by us, typically cutting the cost of development in half.

You can see existing feature requests and submit your own here: