What does Price Comparison Pro do?


Price Comparison Pro scrapes prices from any source you can find.

At the same time, it places any other link you provide as the ‘action’ for this price – e.g. you can scrape from www.ebuyer.com but send the user to an Affiliate Window link when they click.

That means it’s compatible with ALL websites and ALL affiliate programs.

Additionally, you can use it to scrape images from the destination URLs.

Product Comparison

You can also use it for Product Comparison – this is because there is a ‘shortcode’ option where you can include whichever links you wish. So you could have a shortcode comparing the price of an 8GB iPhone to a 16GB iPhone to a 32GB iPhone etc, or completely different brands.

You can have as many shortcodes as you wish per page.

It automatically sorts the prices in the comparison box.

You can tailor the appearance of your comparison box yourself to look how you wish.

Users can manually recheck prices if they wish, or you can hide this option using CSS.

You can see an example page here: