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FWW Sitemap – bulk generation of all available urls

In order to get as many pages of our store as possible available in the search result, we should be able to generate a number of pages with clean URL.

The plugin should automatically create a list of all possible combinations of the URLs with checkboxes near each, so we can easily exclude some of them (and option to select all) and then add the selected ones to the Sitemap, which is generated by the Yoast SEO plugin.

What should be respected:
1. Permalink ordering settings.
2. Multiple selection option (don’t add URLs with multiple selections within one attribute).
3. Don’t add non-indexable URLs to the Sitemap as this forces search engines to crawl and process these URLs. This is an unnecessary usage of crawl budget and should be avoided.

Maybe it should be connected with: https://www.wpintense.com/suggestions/seo-text-based-on-filters/, so we can add the description (seo text) below the generated URL?

Thank you.


You have ... votes left in this category for this week!


Make FWW compatible with search page

FWW widget output urls should remember a search query. Currently if you search for something and then try to filter the results with the widgets they remove a search query from the url.

e.g. you are searching for a bowl:

and then filter by color:

but it should be:

Maybe it would be good if a search query appears in Existing Filters widget, so users can remove it and easily return to the archive pages – it would be great for UX reasons! Or even get popular search queries indexed by google? Let me know what you think.