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Make “Price Comparison Pro Tool” internationalization making it ready for translation

For the people using your plugins in countries that don’t have english as their primary language it would be great if you could include the necessary strings to make it ready for translation.
This could be easily accomplished by wrapping translatable strings in special gettext functions.
For a start it would be enough to make the front-end texts translatable.


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Add attribute auto-suggest and auto-complete option

Sometimes you have far too many attributes to put them in a list or even a dropdown.

In those cases, providing a list of 10 with a text-box above to type into would make things quicker for users of that site.

Users would type in the text box and the list below will automatically update based on the search query. The user can then click on any of the items.

It would also auto-complete to the most likely search result (the top 1 from the list) and if the user hits enter it would be the same as clicking that top result.


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rehub alternative

Rehub and childthemes don’t all get good scores in google pagespeed. Their recommendations are a good indicator for optimizing for best user experience, and for SEO.

Looking for alternatives I found the theme by affiliatetheme.io which doesn’t seem to be based on woocommerce, and lacks some features like wishlists and dynamic product compare. But it looks very nice and clean, and has good scores in google pagespeed, pingdom and gtmetrix.

That doesn’t mean it will perform well on a website with 800,000+ products. I don’t have access to such a site, so I’m wondering if you would consider testing that theme.


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Allow searching of tags, categories and everything else in wp_terms

I’ve had a request to allow Super Speedy Search to search wp_terms and wp_termmeta.

This would be to search Product categories, subcategories, tags and attributes – the plugin would still be searching for ‘posts/products’ (whatever custom post type) but would bring back more items that match these tags, attributes and categories.

Some work is required in order to integrate these properly into the search results. i.e. currently, search results have a ‘relevancy score’ which is v useful to show most relevant items at the top.

What I’m proposing to add is to merge any products which have tags, attributes, categories that fuzzy match the search string – if these are new products, add them in with a score of 0.5, if they already exist, add 0.5 to their current score. This will need to be tweaked until it’s working well.



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Add friendly URLs to FWW

Add friendly URLs for attributes. Can use URL rewrites to implement this and when option is selected, send users to full friendly URL.

  1. Add URL rewrites to rewrite from slug of attribute to parameterised search.
  2. Add option to backend admin screen to enable friendly URLs
  3. URL structure needs to be unique – e.g. /product-category/clothing/brand/paul-smith/. If 2 or more attribute filters (brands) are selectable, some identifier is required e.g /product-category/clothing/f/brand/paul-smith/guess/ – otherwise there could theoretically be a brand called ‘brand’ which would break things.
  4. Ensure canonical URL points to the friendly URL
  5. Add friendly URL output into widget links

Tickets: 111367