Main product image not getting served via jetpack CDN


  1. Mark T.
    November 17, 2020 @ 12:08 pm

    Hi Any update? Thanks


  2. Dave H.
    November 30, 2020 @ 6:34 pm

    This is because in the code there is a check to see if the requested image is a fullsize image. I’d presumed resizing was only for other images, I hadn’t foreseen this use of Photon as a CDN.

    I’ve removed this check from the beta version of External Images version 2.53 – please can you download this from your account area, upload it and test it on your dev site?


  3. Mark T.
    November 30, 2020 @ 8:02 pm

    I deleted the old plugin, installed the beta version you told me about. At first i thought it was working, but i think i must have looked at the wrong bit of source code. It appears it is still loading the image from AWS rather than photon CDN like the rest of the images do.

    I even deleted a test product and ran my WP-ALL import profile again with the new plugin installed.
    here is an example product


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