Wrong existing filter widget urls [FWW + search]]

4 months agoapproved1

1. If the search query is the last filter and is removed, shouldn’t it point to the shop base?

a. https://foundthru.com/?s=bowl&post_type=product
b. remove the ‘bowl’ from the existing filter widget
c. it goes to: https://foundthru.com/?post_type=product, I think: https://foundthru.com/shop would be better

2. If the search query exists and last filter is removed it has wrong permalink base:

a. https://foundthru.com/product-category/dogs/?s=bowl
b. remove the dogs category from the existing filter widget
c. there is wrong permalink base (fww_base/?=search_query), it goes to the 404 page: https://foundthru.com/filter/?s=bowl http://prntscr.com/o7baft