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Ajax Search

Ajax search provides immediate options to your users as they type. Research shows that 50% of searchers will love and use this option while the rest are looking at their keyboard as they type and then hitting enter.

How Super Speedy Search Ajax Search looks

A GIF of the ajax search results on the Woodmart theme:


And one on the Houzez property theme:

Ajax Post Types

There is one section in the ajax search panel per post-type that you have enabled. To enable different post types, visit Settings > Super Speedy Search and select the Ajax Post Types you wish to appear.

If you enable posts and products, and search for something that exists in both posts and products then you’ll see something like this:

Default Post Type

You should also configure the default post type – this is the post type that will be searched when/if the user hits ENTER. The user will also be able to click through to other post type results using the See All links above each post type.

Ajax results per post type

In Settings > Super Speedy Search there is an option to restrict how many items are returned per post type. There is no real performance gain over reducing this number, but you may wish to restrict the number just to reduce how much users need to scroll to see each post type.






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