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Display Types

A large selection of display types, some more suitable for certain filters than others.


The List Display type is a classic. It makes it very easy to navigate your website and for Googlebot to index it. Unfortunately, it can take up plenty of space and make it seem a little messy sometimes but this is something that can be managed with our container type options.


Checkbox List

Very similar to the List display type, but with some handy checkboxes added that also show what has already been selected.


Using a Dropdown display creates more space by showing a specific title, and then dropping down once clicked on or hovered over, to display the rest of the options associated with that original option. Once the customer has clicked on one of these, it will roll back up to display the chosen option. Like this, your page looks cleaner and well structured, making it easier to navigate and allowing you to display more widgets in a smaller area.



Normal lists only show one entry per line, but maybe you have attributes or taxonomies with small text values, e.g. size or material – and it might be beneficial to show multiples of these on the same line. The label display type gives you this option.



Radio buttons are made for single selections. Similar to a checkbox but you don’t want to be able to allow multiple selections. These buttons are often used when there are only two or three options.


There are four different colour display types available.

  • Colour Label: This will fit as many labels as possible next to each other, before moving on to the next row.
  • Colour Label Two Columns: Another label, but in this case it will always be two straight columns.
  • Colour List: One list of colours.
  • Colour Circular: Just the colours without text, in a box


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