How to upload and activate the Faster Woo Widgets plugin

The Faster  Woo Widget plugin replaces the defacto WooCommerce widgets with far faster equivalents. Below you will find instructions on how to get started with your new Faster Woo Widget.

Downloading Faster Woo Widgets as a zip file from your account

Once you have completed the purchase of Faster Woo Widgets, visit your downloads area:

Getting started

Select the Faster Woo Widgets button in order to download the latest core version of the plugin.


If you wish to download a beta version of Faster Woo Widgets, scroll further down the page in your downloads area. You’ll see many versions. If you can’t decide between beta or core/live versions, then follow our separate guide to choosing between beta and core plugins.

Uploading Faster Woo Widgets to your site

Once you have downloaded a version of Faster Woo Widgets, enter your website dashboard  and select wp-admin->Plugins->Add New.


You will then see the option to choose which file to install. Click ‘Choose file’, browse to where you downloaded the plugin ZIP file and then click ‘Install Now.


Once installed, click ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin if it’s not already. Once activated you should visit the settings page to configure the plugin.  You’ll see a warning message at the top of your screen to this effect with Faster Woo Widgets – but basically, visit Settings -> Faster Woo Widgets, review the settings, then scroll to the bottom and hit save.

How to roll back to a previous version of Faster Woo Widgets

If you tried a newer version of one of our plugins and you found it didn’t work as expected, you can easily roll back. Follow our general guide to rolling back plugins here.

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