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Inline Product Filters

Normally, filters will be displayed in your sidebar or maybe a top bar on your site, however, you can also decide to add some filters under each of your products with our Inline Filters option.

These inline product filters can, for instance, display the category, the brand, the product tag, colour, and size. This is especially practical with colour and size as it will also show the other colours/sizes that a particular product is available in.

One of the best things about inline product filters is that your users can click on them to show more similar products with that attribute or taxonomy.

How Inline Product Filters look

This is a nice example of the colour swatches under a product:

How to add Inline Product Filters

To add inline product filters go to Dashboard > Settings > Faster Woo Widgets and scroll down to ‘Inline Product Filters’. From the Available filters, you can click and drag the ones you want to Active, in the order you would like them to display. Make sure to hit save at the bottom of the screen.

Here are two examples in the Shopix theme, one without any inline filters and one with all of the above.



Normally, you’d add one key attribute to your inline filters – whichever is the most important filter for your store’s customers. Of course, you can style these inline filters however you wish using CSS using the .fww_ipa selector as your starting point.

If there’s any particular style you would like to achieve, let us know in the comments below.


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