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Product Counts

Adding product counts to your category lists and attribute lists helps users feel confident that your shop will have what they need. Whether your customers’ priority is price, type, colour or size, adding the product count will enable your customers to view immediately how many options there are to choose from in any product range which is both reassuring and efficient.

Product Count Examples

This screenshot is from a large DIY retailer website and in this instance the product is Tiles.

Colour filter product counts

If you have an extensive colour range and want easy access for your customers, using the product count feature will enable them to see the number of product in any one colour spectrum.

I used a Garden Centre website for this screenshot, they have added a size range for plant pots with the product count.

Depending on your website theme and the needs of your customer base, displaying product counts is a definite advantage.

Adding product counts in Faster Woo Widgets

The Product Count feature is available in Product Categories, Attributes, and Custom Taxonomy. To make your choice visit the dashboard menu > Appearance > Widgets.  Having applied a colour feature to one of my FWW Product Attributes Widgets, I click on  ‘Show product counts’ and select Show.

Scroll down > Save and refresh your page to display the results.  Here’s how it displays on my shop page through using theme Niva Store.

Playing around with themes can get you different effects. Here I used a drop down menu for ‘category’ using the Theme Big Store.



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