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Recently Viewed Products

With our FWW Recently Viewed Products widget, you can allow your customers to see products that they clicked on earlier. It’s also a practical way to fill a shopping cart without actually filling a cart, so they can easily compare products they are interested in. As it uses the customer’s current session to store the viewed products in the widget, and Ajax to refresh the widget, it doesn’t interfere with your page caching – i.e. it’s page-cache friendly, unlike the others out there we found.

This widget taps into the browser back and forward buttons – so if your users visit a product detail page, then they click the back button, this widget will update its contents with the extra product the user just viewed.

How to Add and Configure Recently Viewed Products

To get started, head to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and add the FWW Recently Viewed Products (Ajax) into your preferred area. Mine’s going in the Sidebar.

This is my recently viewed tab before I have chosen anything. I will set the Num Recent Products to 5 and select 5 products.

With five products:

Now if I select another product, because my number is set to 5, the bottom one will get pushed out. However, if there is a product there the customer wants to keep, they can decide to remove any products themselves so the other ones will stay on the list.

Modifying the Appearance of Recently Viewed Products

If you want to modify how this looks, this widget uses the WooCommerce content-widget-product.php template to display the products. You can alter that template if you wish to change positioning of images or prices etc. As always, the widget has the .fwwfilter class and this widget specifically also has the #awdffrecentproducts id that you can use to help you style this widget using CSS.

Further Help

If you are in need of more information regarding the FWW Recently Viewed Products (Ajax) widget, you can check out our Faster Woo Widgets support page here:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can browse previously asked questions or ask a new question on our Q&A page.


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