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To add the Super Speedy Search Widget to your theme, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and drag the Super Speedy Search widget over to your widget area. Mine will be going in the Shop Sidebar, on the Woodmart theme.


Configuring the Super Speedy Search Widget

Now, you can name it and give it a placeholder text. I will name mine Super Speedy Search and put SSS as the placeholder for this example (typically you’d add ‘Search’ or something helpful in here). I will also change the search button from ‘GO’ to ‘GO!’.

If you leave the search button text empty, we’ll display a magnifying glass icon to represent the search button.

Different post types

Selecting post types within the widget allows you to decide what exactly is searched for in the ajax dropdown of one specific widget as opposed to your site-wide search. Like this, you can have differently configured search widgets on different pages.

Dropdown whilst typing

If selected, a dropdown with products matching your search will appear. This will only start after the third letter.



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