100k variable records with multiple images

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amin.hx asked 11 months ago


I am building a woocommerce store with 100k variable records (~20k products). I am importing the products through wp all import. I have a VPS with liquid web with 4GB of RAM and 4 CPUs for this website.

Importing was very slow and I bought the scalability pro plugin. It has improved the import speed a little but not by alot. My hunch is it’s the product images which are hosted on s3 and are being pulled for every record.

Which brings me to the External Images plugin. I have the following two questions regarding this plugin:

  1. I have multiple images per product which are multiple urls delimited with a "|" in a csv file. WP All import is fairly good at using a delimiter and importing the pics. Can your external images plugin do the same when it works with WP All Import?

  2. How does the sizing work?

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