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Lars Bach asked 11 months ago

Hello wpintense,

I am very interested in buying some of your plugins for our company site, but Paypal doesn't allow me to pay without also creating a user profile.

Since I am using a company card, creating a Paypal profile is not an option, so besides bank transfer, do you have any alternative payment methods I can use?

I think this is because I am in Denmark, and regulations require me to create an account. I've stumbled across this problem before from the other side of the table when creating ecommerce sites for clients.



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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 11 months ago

That sounds unusual – I definitely have the ‘guest checkout’ option enabled, so you should be able to pay without creating a PayPal account – but maybe like you said there are specific rules for Denmark.

We also have the bank transfer option available with UK and EU bank account options available to transfer the money to. If you choose ‘bank transfer’ at checkout time you will get the bank account details to complete the transfer.

I’ll bump up integrating another payment provider based on your feedback.

Lars Bach answered 11 months ago

Hi David,

Thanks for the fast feedback.

Yes, I have gone ahead and ordered the plugins using bank transfer as payment method.

Can you tell me what the price for the Scalability Pro plugin should be in Euros?

Not that I cannot do the conversion myself, but with transfer fees and that sort of thing it would be helpful to know the full price.

If we do the transfer in Euros, we will save around 22 USD in bank fees, whereas paying in USD results in the total price almost increasing by 25%.



Dave Hilditch Staff answered 11 months ago

I’ve gone ahead and added Stripe payments that will take all credit and debit cards and even AliPay, so if you wish you can purchase using that instead of with a bank transfer.

Lars Bach answered 11 months ago

Thanks! That’s highly appreciated, I will cancel our first order and go ahead and make a new one with a credit card instead!

By the way, the e-mail you are sending to notify about new comments made here has an error in the link to the thread.

The destination link in the email is:


But it’s missing : after http so you get a 404.



Lars Bach answered 11 months ago

Made the new order and am looking forward to using the plugin. I cannot cancel the first order since its on hold, could you go ahead and remove that for me? (#119759)




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