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Bobette asked 5 years ago

My question is at the end. But first...I took before and after screenshots and the improvement is far better than I expected. Times were 10-15 minutes on the last update and take only a minute now. Huge improvement.

Now the question/observation: I had the product sets to update overnight (for me, in the U.S.), but the Last Update column shows those sets actually updated five hours sooner. For example, see that Fingertip Veils were scheduled for August 23rd 1:05 a.m. The actual update time was August 22nd 8:05 p.m. Do I need to reset a time zone somewhere or is the plug-in reading a non-local time?


Bobette K. replied 5 years ago

I inserted an image to the above, but it appears broken. Here is the URL to see it:

Dave H. replied 5 years ago

Thanks for your question and the screenshot – very helpful. I’m adding an easier technique for uploading images to the Q&A system – because this site uses HTTPS, any URLs for images must also use https otherwise they will appear broken.

Re: the timezone thing – I’ll need to take a look in the code to see – I believe from memory it’s using server time – you can check what your server time currently is using this plugin: It will add an option to your dashboard menu which will let you see the current time on your server.

Bobette K. replied 5 years ago

Thank you. I installed the plug-in–my server is set to my local time (Central Time U.S.) I am not finding this a problem, since product set updates are now so quick, but here are a couple more clues: Product sets that were already scheduled before install seem to be updating five hours earlier than scheduled (or maybe they are simply reporting that they updated a time five hours earlier, I don’t know). Those that I bump to the front of the update queue act normally.

Vasil Y. replied 4 years ago

Hi Bobette, has this particular issues been resolved? I see that it’s quite old. Let me know if you still need assistance.

1 Answers
Vasil Yordanov answered 4 years ago

As it doesn’t seem that you’ll be needing any further assistance with this, I’ll be closing the question. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again should you need further help. Thanks.


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