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Luca asked 4 years ago


i am using datafeedr and i was wondering... is the "Faster Datafeedr Product Sets" of yours different from the standard "Datafeedr Products Sets" plugin? and does it work along with another of your performance boost plugin ONLY or just downloading it for free from WPI is enough to see faster imports?

Thanks in advance for your time!


1 Answers
John McLachlan answered 4 years ago

Hi Luca,

We worked with Stefan Everaet of Datafeedr to create our plugin which compliments Datafeedrs one. It makes it run faster and allows you to import/export more freely faster.

I hope this helps.

Jimmy J. replied 2 years ago

Hi John, is it okay now to install your Faster Datafeedr Product Sets plugin with the latest version of the Datafeedr plugin? I’m hoping that you have updated it by now so it will work with the latest Datafeedr plugin. Thank you.


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