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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Super Speedy FiltersFaster Woo Widgets breaks product page
Stuart G. asked 1 year ago


We have bought and installed faster woo widgets on our test site.

The new widgets seem to work fine on the category pages, but you cannot get to a product page..

After clicking the link to a product on a category page, it goes to a 'results' page and you cannot get past this page to access the product page to add to cart / choose colour / size etc...

I have also switched to Storefront and the problem still happens.

Could it be one of the settings that i have configured incorrectly? It seems as though all of the settings are for category pages which is what is confusing and the widgets work fine on them.

If i deactivate the plugin, the issue goes away and the product page loads.

I've attached some info in the private box. Any help would be greatly appreicated.


Stuart G. replied 1 year ago

The issue is due to permalink structure. I am using premmerce permalink structure to have /parent-category/category/product. When the plugin is active it only loads the product using /product

I may have turned the setting remove product_cat on within faster filter settings, but i have turned it off since. Could that setting be saved/stored somewhere and it is not undoing?

Is there a way to reset the plugins settings as i think it could be that setting stuck?

Also, I have noticed a lot of logs in the error logs of – ‘fww_fix_empty_sets’ and not as many but this too ‘awd_improvewoocommerce_performance’

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi – default WordPress doesn’t allow duplicate slugs whereas permalink managers alter this to allow duplicate slugs.

I have not yet coded up compatibility with these permalink managers but I do consider it priority.

Are you able to workaround this issue for now?

Stuart G. replied 12 months ago


The problem is that the client was advised by an SEO organisation to include categories in the url.

Do you have an estimate of when it could be added by?

If it’s longer than 60 days for the refund time, could we get a refund then buy it back when its added? We can’t charge our client for it until its implemented in the site.


Glyn S. Staff replied 12 months ago


This problem will be fixed by January 14th.

Thank you,


Dave H. Staff replied 12 months ago

Sorry about the delay with this – I see adding compatibility with Premmerce Permalink Manager as a priority, but before the new year we’re focusing on fixing these bugs and getting FWW and SSS out of beta.

This is the board we’re trying to clear before New Year:

Stuart G. replied 11 months ago

Hi Dave / Glyn,

Do you have an estimate of when it could be added by?

Just so we can let our client know.


Dave H. Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi – still delayed on getting to this, it’ll be done by end of Feb for sure, maybe before then. But to answer your customers question about including categories in the URL, you can do that with FWW without using Premmerce link manager.

You can try switching off the permalink overrides in Faster Woo Widgets settings – there is a setting at the top to switch off the override – this would allow you to visit the product page even if it’s /product-category/category/product – but it will also prevent other pretty permalink features from FWW to be used.

It may be a workaround that works for you though – maybe you’re ok with having URL parameters for attributes?

Stuart G. replied 9 months ago

Hi Dave, has this been implemented? Thanks

Stuart G. replied 8 months ago

Hi Dave, I have got it to work on test with the url params, but when there should be around 15 colours displayed, it only displays the same 6. Weirdly, i have added a test colour and then it does show.. in the error logs i still see this message – ‘fww_fix_empty_sets’ which is included quite a lot per second.. could the issue with only seeing 6 colours be related to that? Thanks,

Glyn S. Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Stuart.

There is a big upgrade being deployed tomorrow. Could you take a look after that and otherwise get back to us?


Stuart G. replied 8 months ago

Hi Glyn,

Is this the beta version 3.57?


Stuart G. replied 8 months ago

Hi Glyn,

I’m going to open a new support ticket as i have a different error to this one and i want to provide the error so it helps, so it will need to be private.


Dave H. Staff replied 8 months ago

Stuart – for faster answers, click the DISCORD link inside your account area and come chat directly to us.

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