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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Super Speedy FiltersFaster woo Widgets is crashing my website
Dennis L. asked 2 years ago

Hi i don´t know why but evertime i activate Faster Woo widgets suddenly there appear a high amount of sleeping queries und immedeatley the server resources are exceeded only because of faster woo widgets. i cant tell you more informations as i have to deactivate the plugin to get access to my site back.

Dennis L. replied 2 years ago

Can i expect an answer ? or is there no support?

4 Answers
Dennis L. answered 2 years ago

Can i expect an answer ? or is there no support

Dennis L. answered 2 years ago

sorry but are you serious? 2 weeks and no answer at all

ΦΩΤΕΙΝΗ . answered 1 year ago

I have the same problem…I purchased the plugin yesterday

Glyn Storms Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi. This is a known issue in the core version. If you download the latest Beta version, this issue should be fixed.

Please go to and grab the latest Faster Woo Widgets Beta.

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