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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Faster Woo WidgetsFWW does not display products in category pages
sanjay shukla asked 2 months ago

If I enable FWW than only 1 out of several thousand products are displayed on the category page, even if there are no filters added to the category pages.

I have tested it with ver 2.79 and 3.57


Dave H. Staff replied 2 months ago

Looking into this, thank you for providing details

2 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 months ago

Ok – I’ve found the source of the problem.

In this screenshot of Query Monitor with FWW disabled, you see it’s ORDERING by price:

Whereas with FWW enabled on your site I’m not seeing the orderby, instead I’m seeing a postmeta query for _price:

The difference is that the second one isn’t ordering by price, it’s restricting the rows to only those with prices.

I think I see where the bug may be but the FTP you provided doesn’t work. I’ve anonymised your IP addresses in this screenshot, but you can see the response from the server – looks like you have a whitelist in place:

Can you whitelist my static IP of and let me know?

Dave H. Staff replied 2 months ago

To clarify, the IP address in the last screenshot is my residential address – don't whitelist that one, whitelist my static VPN address of please.

Dave H. Staff replied 2 months ago

I have confirmed the bug is what I think it is – if I change the default sort order in Appearance > Customise > WooCommerce > Product Catalog then all the products appear again.

I’ll get this fixed in my dev environment – it seems to be new to the way WP_Query is behaving with the new WooCommerce update – but it would be very helpful if you could get me FTP access to this site so I can confirm it working here too.

sanjay s. replied 2 months ago

Here are the FTP details
FTP Details :
FTP Host :
FTP User : [email protected]
Password : [email protected]

sanjay shukla answered 2 months ago

Hi David,

Thanks for the update, Now it is displaying the products, but I can’t get the filters to appear on the page.

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