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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Super Speedy FiltersFWW-Filter by attributes
Neo n. asked 1 year ago

Hi Dave,

I have two questions:

  1. Right now when i open the product attribute "Brand" page - for exapmple ABC, then i see that it shows me products not only from the product attribute brand ABC, but also from the product attribute "Store" - ABC.

    I do have two different attributes with the same name, in the example above product brand and product store have the same value "ABC", but i dont want them to work at the same time: i just want to see products from the product attribute brand.

    Please see the attachement.

What can be done in such case?


Neo n. replied 1 year ago

And the second question:
when im on product attribute page – right now I am not able to filter products by products categories.
Could you suggest something?
thanks a lot!

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 12 months ago

If you have slugs which match across different taxonomies then it’s important that you do not remove the prefix.

e.g. if you have /brand/adidas/ and you also have /store/adidas/ then do not select the option to remove /brand/ or /store/ from the URLs as these are required to de-duplicate the duplicate slugs.

Neo n. replied 12 months ago

Hi Dave, I believe I did none of that. Still not able to filter by category when im on brand or store attribute pages.

Neo n. replied 12 months ago

So now when I am on attribute page (lest say /brand/Adidas/) I am not able to filter by product category, by any other attribute either (for example, color or free shipping – it would open the 404 page).

Neo n. replied 12 months ago

Fixed filtering by attribute. Filtering by category still doesnt work though.

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