Help Needed – Referred by Bobby Broughton

WP Intense Q & AHelp Needed – Referred by Bobby Broughton
Nathan Duvall asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Dave,

Bobby Broughton from Hosting Coalition referred us to you and said you may be a great resource for us to connect with, as you are very familiar with their stack. We need some help/guidance with hosting and maintaining larger sites, particular eCommerce sites with larger databases that require more resources, etc. Our main company is and we’re very good at hosting/maintaining smaller/brochure/marketing type sites — we currently host 350+ with WPEngine, but at a certain point they cease to be cost effective and that’s what we’re running into.

We have an immediate need for one of our own sites, and a large/static multisite (contains 30+ sites). It’s currently hosted with Bobby at HC, but we’re not database guys, we don’t do SSH and admittedly are over our heads in this specific area and need help. We are fine continuing to host with Bobby but we need someone who’s reliable to help us with ongoing support, maintenance & optimization. We’re very used to the managed support service we get at WPEngine and are looking for comparable service on these type of sites. Currently, we also are not able to have reliable daily backups of our sites on HC, due to the size I’m guessing, which is a major problem if anything happens.

Anyways, we’re very good at what we do, but we need more advanced help on the db front, especially when it comes to hosting and maintaining larger sites that require more resources. Overall, we just need someone that can own this and manage it for us so that we can focus on what we do and stay in our lane. If this sounds like something up your alley that would be a good fit, we’d love to connect with you.

Thank you!

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