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WP Intense Q & ACategory: External ImagesHow do I fix gallery images on product detail pages?
. asked 1 year ago


I purchased your plugin. It is great.

I imported products by using WP ALL IMPORT.I read this link, but this method couldn\'t work for my theme.

My theme is Woodmart. I was be able to import external images and gallery images by using WP ALL IMPORT plugin, but gallery images are not seen on my web site. They shows as \'undefined\'.

This product is for you so that you can see it. How can I fix this? Could you help me? Many thanks.

I added you as a new SSH User.

SSH username: davehilditch I also created admin and SFTP user.

public key > ( I used your given public key on your web site)ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAlGexBmYAra4iPBgZWSsPWnmXubAxA5rBxV+HXAK03/22hIn3S5NNVAV5FZ8LW2yiTV/6Kan3c7pELv0ym9OXNq85ZXED4ayz0lhZ77/G+AmZW/+1zdIYJFgwJH6RdHzqypJx08Yiw4+r/ScvHkEhO+pOQoz/b41RLKFU75zRZUjDBGtEZPBQWk+wBcVQZY4umyO/XDRYZqO2yfmwxwfFbVahumksAdUU6Z7l3mwQFOGP+i9XQaiU7EUirU6WHZR7vRea2HDEUrlOJi3W3XtNeHuQyYpOigRq3nxoPXH175hhEhIUpkjXIqLeGbBImQJynR2W2D2uyYFWDicbJmSpGQ==

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

I cannot see any product at this URL:

Can you please add it again? You can make it private if you wish.

For galleries – the vast majority of galleries will work, but sometimes a theme may alter the gallery output and use different codepaths under the hood.

If you can alter your product detail ‘gallery’ to other types offered by your theme, frequently we find many of them work except for one which is coded in an odd way. (developers copy/paste code all the time, thats why this happens)

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