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Jason asked 2 years ago


I am unable to use this plugin with any version of woocommerce above 3.4.7

If I upgrade to anything higher I do longer get images on the front page, or related products.

Also I am unable to see images on the product page at a sensible size on a laptop, they work well on mobile but are too small on Laptop. Please could you investigate and get back to me.

My site is


Liza T. replied 2 years ago

I have the same problem. Woocommerce above 3.4.7 + External WordPress Images 1.90 does not display images uploaded for products on my server( not displayed on the catalog page and on the product page). External Images on the product page are displayed very small (63Х63). External Images On the catalog page everywhere have different sizes, trimming does not work.

2 Answers
sebbe888 answered 1 year ago


Do we have a fix to this. The same issue here. I think this could be easy done with the right expertise.

No images are shown in the catalog, related and front page.

On the single product it still works.

Test X answered 1 year ago

In the latest version, there is an option in the settings page for themes which don’t use the default WordPress function. If your images aren’t displaying on the product archive page, just enable that option to fix.

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