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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Super Speedy FiltersMultiselect for custom taxonomy widget – is it available
Matiss R. asked 10 months ago


How is it going with the implementation of this feature mentioned here ( )?

The text from the question:

I have product tags added as a custom taxonomy widget, but I can choose only one tag at a time.

Would it be possible to make it a multiselect, so I can choose more tags at a time?

Answer from the thread:

This is in the pipeline for February. Currently you can multiselect on product attributes only, but in early February you will be able to select multiple options from each taxonomy.

Is it available in a newer version of the plugin?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 9 months ago

This is partially complete – should be complete by the middle of next week. For more updates, join our Discord server – private permanent link is in your account area.

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