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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Scalability ProNot all index tables being created
Paul S. asked 8 months ago

Hello, I just installed Scalability Pro and told it to build indexes. On both my development server and my live server it says it has created 20 of 21 indexes. I\'ve waited overnight to see if it would complete, but it doesn\'t. Is that a problem? I\'m curious if the one table missing would be essential to speeding up my site.It lists these:wp_comments.wpi_comment_type_countwp_term_relationships.wpi_performance_boost6wp_postmeta.wpi_performance_boostwp_postmeta.wpi_postmeta_boostwp_wc_product_meta_lookup.wpi_wc_lookup_skuwp_term_taxonomy.wpi_performance_boost3wp_term_taxonomy.wpi_performance_boost4wp_term_taxonomy.wpi_performance_boost5wp_posts.wpi_performance_boost2wp_posts.wpi_performance_boost8wp_posts.wpi_performance_boost9wp_posts.wpi_latest_posts_boostwp_posts.wpi_perfboost_woopaypalwp_posts.wpi_scalability_pro_sitemapswp_posts.wpi_guidwp_usermeta.wpi_wclovers_wcfm_marketplace_usermetawp_options.wpi_options_boostwp_options.wpi_options_namewp_users.wpi_wclovers_wcfm_marketplace_userswp_terms.wpi_performance_boost7

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 months ago

You can scrape any publicly viewable website, no restrictions.

We also integrate with the Rocket Scrape API and Scraper API who have advanced techniques to bypass bot-blockers, although in most cases you can scrape directly using your own server/website.

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