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[email protected] asked 1 year ago


I asked this question but didn't get a reply, can someone please help me with this question.

I would like my woocommerce image to automatically update when an image on external product page also changes.

For example: I have a product page:

I want to link my product’s image to image on this external product page:

Any time this external product page changes their image I want my product image to automatically change as well, is it possible?

Thank you

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi – Price Comparison Pro will scrape product images from your external URL. Currently it adds the images to your product, but I can easily add an option so that you can configure it to replace images instead of adding to them.

. replied 1 year ago


That would be awesome. How much would be the total cost? And how would it work if the external URL has more than one image?

Thank you for your response

. replied 1 year ago


Also please let me know how long will it take to add the option you mentioned?

Thank you

Dave H. Staff replied 12 months ago

There’s a dev cycle of Price Comparison Pro due, so probably around a couple of weeks for it to be in beta – all users can download the beta version. It’ll probably be another two weeks after that before we push it live into core.

. replied 12 months ago


Thank you for your reply.

Great, so as of right now it only adds images to my woocommerce product, does that mean if I leave the featured image empty plugin will automatically add the image from external URL as featured image?


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