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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Scalability ProPreSales Scalable Pro Question
Kevin Perrow asked 4 weeks ago

Hi WPIntense team,

Your Scalable Pro, Can that be use ontop of WP Rocket and Redis Pro? - Or will it conflics? I have a few large site that admin side are super slow - Am wondering if you plugin could help speed them up in the backend - just read your article last night about why woocomerce sites are so slow. They are large website.

Thank you - looking forward to your reply

  • Kevin

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi – yes – Scalability Pro alters many slow SQL queries to make them faster. It does not replace redis or any caching plugin like WP Rocket – it improves uncached speeds.

It has many items to speed up wp-admin e.g. dashboard slowness, bulk updates, imports, edit product (if you have a lot of metadata, we speed up the edit product page by removing the meta dropdown – it’s an option in the plugin)

We also create indexes on key tables to speed up unaltered queries.

If you need faster search in wp-admin then you’ll need Super Speedy Search too and if you want faster front-end filtering you’ll need Super Speedy Filters – we have a pack called the Super Speedy Pack which includes all 3 of these plugins – Scalability Pro, Super Speedy Search and Super Speedy Filters.

You can find this pack on our home page.

Come chat to me on our Discord server to ask questions - Dave Hilditch, WP Intense

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