Refund PCP – Order #114872

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tank asked 4 weeks ago

I am guessing that there are not lifetime updates and support? When I went to purchase PCP, the first thing I saw was text saying "pay once, use forever – lifetime support and updates".

This is the main reason I purchased this plugin. I already knew it was good from seeing it in action in the videos, but wit lifetime updates included, I thought I should purchase right away.

After looking further, I saw that there were other places that said it was only 1 year of support and updates.

I sent the screenshot of the page to you where it shows the conflicting statements on the products page.

Please refund my purchase. I thought I was getting lifetime updates and now I am almost positive I am not going to get lifetime updates.

I understand your refund policy, but this should also be covered. I only saw the one place it said lifetime updates and didn’t notice the other areas where it said "1 year" until after I made the purchase and was looking on the product page for more information on updates. Please refund my order and remove the place where it says lifetime updates (unless there are lifetime updates).