refund, plugin not working, refund please

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Krzysztof asked 3 weeks ago

Hi David, you promised me a refund for a non working plugin. Why did you suddenly break the conversation? On your website you inform that you return money to unsatisfied customers within 60 days.

Robert S. replied 3 weeks ago

I seriously need a response it’s becoming ridicilous to be getting such slow responses if there is no interest I would like to file for a refund of the plugin.

2 Answers
Moka Washere answered 2 weeks ago

unfortunately, this is the norm if you are trying to communication with him. It usually takes more than 6 months to a year to get his attention on some bugs with new updates to a plugin. that’s if you’re lucky to say the least.

Krzysztof answered 2 weeks ago

Thanks David for refund.

Yes communicatoion is very slow.

Best Regards