greg asked 4 years ago

The plugin isn’t quite what I expected I have been playing around with it for the last few days and can only get elements of it to work, some prices wont load and other logos wont load. No matter how I change the URLS for logos or CSS operators they still aren’t working. I am aware after reading on here some of the pages may use AJAX which I was unware of before I purchased this plugin. I currently run my website as a hobby, it is only me and I only spend a few hours a week on it. I was hoping this would be a simple process and would allow me to make a little money on the side. But it is becoming very time consuming and thats even before I have tried to change the CSS to make it look right on my sight.

I was disapointed that there wasn’t an active trial so I could have found out these problems before I purchased But there wasn’t so I would like to ask If I can be refunded? as I am not willing to invest an more money into this to buy the AJax scraping plugin.

3 Answers
John McLachlan answered 4 years ago

Hi Greg,

We always endeavour to help you out before we issue refunds, its in our T & C’s.

Can we go on your site and fix things up for you?

greg m. replied 4 years ago

Yeah that would be perfect I will setup an account for you and send it over. I just became really frustrated with it as the CSS selectors I were selecting and I tried many different ones still would output the correct price. I also had an issue with some of the logos loading properly and it is just displaying a text version of the website. example can be seen here:

I also want to change the look of it as I feel it is very cramped together and I would like to make it fill the whole description space next to the image. To do this is it just a case of downloading a css editor plugin, finding the css selectors for each elements and editing them accordingly?

Do you have an email to send the account login details?

greg m. replied 4 years ago

When are you likely going to be able to help me out and fix this? As I can’t move on with building my site until all the initial products are up and this relies on this plugin working or me deleting this plugin and seeking to use another comparison product that has been offered to me.

John McLachlan answered 4 years ago

Hi Greg,

One of the team will be in touch today.

Thank you for your patience.



greg answered 4 years ago

Hi, I have not received an email from any of your team it’s been 5 days and as I explained in my last message I can’t move forward with my site until this was resolved.

I have gave up waiting and have now seeked an alternative plugin to do what I need. I am no longer interested in using your plugin mainly due to lack of customer support. I would appreciate if you would just refund me for this product as I now have no intention of using it on my website.

Anon replied 4 years ago

Hi Greg – sorry about disappointing you on this occasion. We ended up a developer short last week (the one who had your task allocated) I guess it’s too late for me to change your mind. I’ll get your refund processed.

greg m. replied 4 years ago

Thank you I appreciate it.

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