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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Scalability ProRemove Sort Order – WooCommerce Orders & Blog Posts
Sue X. asked 12 months ago

Using version , when I try to enable the Remove Sort Order option it reverses the order of WooCommerce orders in admin & then posts both in admin & on the frontend to oldest first. I thought I read somewhere that this had been addressed but it doesn't seem so. I've even tried a pre_get_posts function in functions.php to get the items to display in a DESC order but not luck.

Any work arounds? We have around 96K+ orders and would love a way to get that to load quicker in the admin area but not at the expense of these using an ASC order.

Sue X. replied 12 months ago

My bad, using version 4.76

Glyn S. Staff replied 12 months ago


Dave is going to get back to you on this very soon.


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