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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Scalability ProRemove Sort Order – WooCommerce Orders & Blog Posts
Sue X. asked 1 year ago

Using version , when I try to enable the Remove Sort Order option it reverses the order of WooCommerce orders in admin & then posts both in admin & on the frontend to oldest first. I thought I read somewhere that this had been addressed but it doesn't seem so. I've even tried a pre_get_posts function in functions.php to get the items to display in a DESC order but not luck.

Any work arounds? We have around 96K+ orders and would love a way to get that to load quicker in the admin area but not at the expense of these using an ASC order.

Sue X. replied 1 year ago

My bad, using version 4.76

Glyn S. Staff replied 1 year ago


Dave is going to get back to you on this very soon.


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