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phopinder p. asked 2 years ago


We are having difficulty scraping prices from The xPath works in our spreadsheet (that uses the ImportFromWeb add-on for Chrome) but the same doesn;t seem to work in your plugin. We've also not been able to get it using the CSS selector. Both types return a 444 error. We've tried the following amongst other variations:

xPath: //*[@id=”price”]/div/span[1]/span/span[2]

CSS: #price > div > span.hide-content.display-inline-block-m > span > span.visuallyhidden

Here is an example of a URL that we would like to scrape the price from:

Note that the other sites we've scraped have worked ok - it just seems to be Walmart that we are struggling with!

Kind regards


1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Just #price is enough to identify the price on Walmart. For xPath, you could use //*[id="price"]

Note that those should be ‘straight’ quotes and that editors (including this one on this website) are changing straight quotes to ‘smart’ or ‘curly’ quotes.

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