SEO friendly attributes with "Fast attributte widget"

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patrikpodolak asked 11 months ago

Hi there.

I wanted to compliment your plugin suite, it is really great stuff. Altough I would like to have a suggestion for the future?:

Will it be possible to create seo frendly URL/ pages based on attribute selection of browsing customers?

For example, my testing website have the category "chlapci" /boys/, brand "Quicksilver", Color available /one only/ Modrá /Blue/

In normal "world" this would be a perfect sub-sub page to feed google for indexing and possible ranking:


But in current wordpress terms it is:


Simply: change ending of the URL: "?filtering=1&filter_znacka=178" to "quicksilver/blue"

And since there is Christmass coming along, maybe adding title pages on fly with it, that would be just dandy….

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