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Daniel Antoni贸w asked 3 months ago

Hello. I bought 5 plugs from you. One side did not speed up a bit, but it is still slow for about 4 seconds to load.

And the second one slowed down even though I used plugins ..

One has around 230,000 woocommerce products

and the second is a BLOG with about 300 entries. Charging it with time takes up to 60 seconds.

I am asking you to act as soon as possible, because I have been working on it for a few days and nothing has sped up.

Can someone check and speed up my sites?

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Daniel A. replied 3 months ago

after purchasing a REHub theme
will my site be faster?
I plan to have over 1 billion products on this one page.

I am currently using a multi-vendor plugin called WC LOVERS on it. This is perhaps one of the best on the market for features

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Daniel Antoni贸w answered 3 months ago

Page SPEED google:

First Contentful Paint

1,7 s

Speed Index

3,6 s

Largest Contentful Paint

2,7 s

is for a site that has 230,000 products

for BLOG


1,7 s

Speed Index

3,6 s

Largest Contentful Paint

2,7 s

when searching, pages take a long time to load for 8-10 seconds, they search with your Super Speedy Search plugin

The pages are hosted on shared wordpress optimized


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