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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Super Speedy SearchSSS not finding anything
Dennis Lippitsch asked 6 months ago

When I type something and klick on suggestions everthing is fine but when i hit enter button i am direted to a rults page saing nothing found. No matter what i search.

SSS Tables in database are created but only the wp_superspeedysearch_temp table is about 2,9gb all other tables are at about 16 to 32 kib

2 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 6 months ago

Can you please check your default post type in Settings > Super Speedy Search?

Maybe you have it set to default to posts rather than products?

Dennis L. replied 6 months ago

it´s set to product

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 6 months ago

Actually – if you are saying the wp_superspeedysearch_temp table is there then the table build job has not completed.

Can you first confirm you are using the latest beta version of Super Speedy Search? There is another update due out later today but currently the latest version is 2.48.

Depending on the size of your table, the initial table build can take a while. There is a Rebuild Tables button in the Settings page – it would be helpful if you could enable your debug log and then attempt that rebuild and send me the error log.

Alternatively, if you visit your account page and click the invite link for our Discord server, you can come chat to me directly and provide access credentials and I’ll take a look for you and figure this out.

Dave H. Staff replied 6 months ago

This problem was our batch SQL processor failing due to timeouts. The client has 2 million products which shouldn’t really matter – the batches should work regardless the size of the database.

I’m working now on fixing this to make the batch processor work for every size.

Dave H. Staff replied 6 months ago

This has been fixed in release 2.50

Come chat to me on our Discord server to ask questions - Dave Hilditch, WP Intense

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