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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Price Comparison ProWalmart Mexico selector
Pedro B. asked 2 years ago

Hi there, I maade a question and never got the answer. May you please help with Walmart Mexico selector?


Thank you

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi – sorry I missed this. If you need help with further selectors, I’ve created a channel for price comparison pro on our discord server.

Here’s the selectors for the page you listed above:

Retail price: div[data-automation-id="product-detail-offer-details"] > div:first-child > p, h4[data-automation-id="product-price"]

Sale price: h4[data-automation-id="product-price"]

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

Also – please note that the Walmart site is using Ajax to populate the page – if you view source on the page, the prices do not exist. That means, to scrape the site you should use the Scraper API Rendered option.

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