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carl gale asked 2 months ago

HiJust purchased this addon and it is working well, save for two small issues:1. In your demo you have the filters in a scrollable list. There doesn\'t seem to be a setting to achieve this in the plugin.2. I cannot seem to find a way to add the category name to the filter h1 or title tag, I can add the filter and other custom text easily enough but it doesn\'t make sense without the category. For example, if the category is Dresses and the filter is Black then to have the H1 and Title saying \'Search for Black at x.com\' doesn\'t make nearly as much sense as \'Search For Black Dresses at x.com\'If you could advise on these issues, please that would be great.

1 Answers
carl gale answered 2 months ago

Sorry, the formatting seemed to have got a bit messed up after submitting. Hope it still makes sense.

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